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Fishing Opens the Door to the Great Outdoors

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Kids that fish develop patience, an appreciation of nature, coordination, perseverance, independence...


Fishing is Becoming Part of a Community

Many see fishing as an individual sport but what many don’t realize is that there are wonderful communities and groups centered around fishing. There are fishing derbies that bring people together. A fun day for the kids and their parents!


Fishing Promotes Family Bonding

Fishing really brings friends and families together. From fishing day trips to big fishing weekends, this amazing sport has the power to bring people together to have fun, bond and learn. A dad can have a lot of fun teaching kids about fishing, and they love spending time with their dad!

Fishing Increases Independence

As kids build their skills in fishing, they become more confident which leads to greater independence. Once kids understand the safety measures involved in fishing, they can engage in this activity with little to no help from their parents. This is due to his skill level and confidence!

Fishing Enhances Motor Planning

Fishing involves a great deal of motor planning. Kids have to decide how to cast, when to let go, when to reel in and more. They have to carefully plan out their movements and make sure they work in harmony so they not only catch a fish, they don’t break the line or the pole!

Fishing Builds Confidence

As kids build their skills and become more successful, they build their self-confidence, form a stronger self-concept and greater independence. As kids see they can be successful in fishing, they carry that confidence over to other parts of their lives like school, sports and even developing friendships.

Fishing Teaches Patience

Let’s be honest, fishing can be frustrating for the person that lacks patience! It can take minutes to catch a fish but it can also take hours or even all day before you catch one. This helps children learn the art of patience. This is a skill needed for school, sports and life!

Fishing Teaches Perseverance

Fishing takes determination, hard work and perseverance. You can’t give up after only a few minutes. Fishermen spend hours waiting for the perfect catch. Fishing teaches children to keep trying when they don’t succeed. This leads to a greater work ethic which is needed to be successful in school and their future career.

Fishing Encourages an Appreciation of Nature

Getting outdoors helps kids appreciate and understand nature. It teaches them the importance of taking care of the environment including the fish they catch. Kids can put away all the electronic devices and just take in the scenery and fresh air. This can also lead to a healthier lifestyle!

Fishing Improves Coordination

It also takes balance and coordination to fish. If fishing on a boat, you have to stand carefully so you don’t fall in the water. You also need balance when reeling in your catch because if you lose your footing, you may also lose your catch! When fishing, it is also important to coordinate all the motor movements so they work together for a successful catch.


Kids need to fish.