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Who We Are

Father and son fishing with a sunset in the back.

Kids Need to Fish

Our Mission

Fish America Now (FAN) believes that all kids need to fish and deserve the opportunity to gain valuable skills while instilling a love for the outdoors. FAN helps kids create memories and lessons that last a lifetime. 

Why We Exist

Our foundation was created to make a difference in the lives of kids by teaching them valuable skills and lessons—away from devices while they’re outdoors. Technology use is at an all-time high among elementary school students, decreasing the amount of time they’re spending outside.

Who We Help

First and foremost, we work to help improve children’s livelihoods. However, by creating positive outcomes for kids, we also help parents, grandparents, families, and the communities where they live. 

What Sets Us Apart

FAN provides an open door to the great sport of fishing. Our planned curriculums, certified teachers, and events put students in position to succeed.

Kids fishing on boat with their dad.