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FANClub Instructor

Dad and son fishing during a sunset.

Become a FANClub Instructor

Our FANClub Instructors provide a curriculum that is educational and fun for participants; training and tools to equip individuals for success; and a network of fellow instructors and resources.

FANClub Instructors help teach:

  • Casting techniques.
  • Equipment, knots, and tackle assembly.
  • Proper fish handling.
  • Fish identification and habitat.
  • Fishing safety, ethics, and regulations.
  • Stewardship of aquatic resources.
  • Conservation

Register to Be a FANClub Instructor

Get started as a fishing instructor for kids in just a few steps.

  1. Take a free instructor training course.
  2. Teach others to fish and care for our natural resources.
  3.  Recognize students with free materials and fishing awards.

Be one of the men and women all over this great country giving back by instilling a love of fishing in the next generation.