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Kids Fishing, Fishing, and Fishing!

Young girl holding a fish.

Fishing: Good for Kids and Families

Kid fishing.

Fishing brings people together. From day trips to weekends, this amazing sport provides children and families with fun, bonding, and—most importantly—educational opportunities. 

FAN helps kids:

  • Increase their independence. As children build their skills in fishing, they become more confident, leading to greater independence. Once kids understand the safety measures involved in fishing, they can engage with little to no help from adults.  
  • Enhance their motor skills. Kids have to decide how to cast, when to let go, when to reel, and more. They have to carefully plan out their movements and make sure they work in harmony to catch fish without breaking the line or the pole!
  • Build confidence. While children build skill levels and become more successful, they also build their self-confidence. A stronger self-concept carries over to other parts of their lives like school, sports, and friendships.
  • Learn patience. Patience and perseverance are important life-skills. Fishing can be frustrating for the impatient since it can take minutes of hours to catch a fish
  • Build perseverance. Fishing takes determination, hard work, and stick-to-itiveness  (you can’t give up after only a few minutes!). Fishers spend hours waiting for the perfect catch, and the practice teaches children to keep trying when they don’t succeed. This leads to a greater work ethic and the ability to see things through.
  • Appreciate nature. Getting outdoors helps kids understand and value nature. It teaches them the importance of caring for the environment and wildlife—all while  electronic devices take a backseat to scenery, fresh air, and fun. Picking up fishing can help them lead a healthier lifestyle.
  • Improve coordination. Fishing takes balance and hand-eye coordination—lose your footing, lose your fish! When fishing, it's important to coordinate all motor movements to work for a successful catch. The physical activity and coordination required helps kids develop.
Group of kids fishing.