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Why is Fishing Good for Kids?

“One of the most wonderful parts of watching your child’s progression through the stages of fishing is the confidence it imparts. Fishing, it turns out, provides a lifetime of milestones”

As parents, we want to raise healthy, well-adjusted kids. We want them to have the tools and skillsets necessary to function as adults. Fishing helps achieve these objectives.

Wonder and Adventure

“Understanding imagination as both a cognitive and affective endeavor is crucial in order for educators to promote creative and imaginative thinking in informal and formal learning environments.”

Fishing stirs the imagination in kids. The anticipation that the cork is about to ‘go under’ and that a big fish is about to bite stays with them for a lifetime.

Kids learn how to think and this needs to be nurtured. Fishing, and all the activity surrounding it, does exactly this. The wonder of diving birds, shells by the water’s edge, turtles, insects, or simply playing in a bucket of minnows, is quality "wondering" time. Albert Einstein once said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

Parental Involvement

One of the great things about fishing is that it takes place in the present. The pole bending and the water swirling is special for a kid when a parent is there to share the experience. A kid’s self-worth soars when an adult pays attention and assists with an outdoor activity. Lifetime stories are created, and the bonding created by simple events is beyond measure. Talking and laughing and having fun. Fishing is being together in an activity that builds family treasures for kids. And the stories are retold over and over.


A parent does most of the work when a kid starts fishing. Catching the bait, teaching them how to cast, helping the kid touch the slimy worm and hold the first fish for a picture. Once accomplished, they are proud of themselves. Each trip is a learning process and a leap in confidence. Do not be surprised if they want to play with the worms or the minnows in the bait bucket.

Soon, kids can complete the process all by themselves. The confidence gained through fishing then extends into all other areas of the child’s life and development.

Team Work

With our goal of raising a well-adjusted child, teaching teamwork aligns nicely. Fishing is a great activity to teach working together. Organizing the trip with the gear, the snacks, the drinks, hats, sunglasses, and tackle. All participate. Everybody carries ‘stuff’ to the pond. We teach the importance of environmental lessons by having everyone clean up before leaving. No littering or trash left behind.

Fishing really is good for children and their development. It is also quite a bit of fun.