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Being Outside Feels Good

Studies have proven that being outdoors benefits children intellectually, socially, emotionally, and physically.  

A kid can simply be a kid in the outdoors. Exploring, climbing trees, throwing rocks, picking flowers, fishing, collecting bugs, excitement, sadness, a sense of peace. Kids are growing and maturing naturally when experiencing the outdoors.  

Strong bodies are built by physical activity. The fresh air is good for the body and natural sunlight has many positive benefits. All can lead to a stronger immune system.

Parents getting involved is good for the kids (and parents, too!). Helping kids learn and experience new activities connects families in wonderful, unique ways.

The outdoors offers a natural environment for learning. Children enjoy sights, sounds, colors, and the smells of nature. They stretch themselves mentally and physically by doing, calculating, and constantly thinking of how-to and why. These experiences offer learning like nothing else can. Resilience and confidence are gained by taking risks, trying, failing, and trying again.

Being outdoors early and often will develop a deep love for our planet and everything in it, creating positive and important steps in a kid's journey to maturity.