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How to Find a Pond’s Best Fishing Spots

Pond fishing varies from day to day. Learning to “read” a pond is crucial. Does it have aquatic vegetation, brush, laydowns or broken rock? How does the depth vary? Is it fed by a stream or does it depend on surface water? Does it have a dam or a standpipe? Observe the color of the water. It can range from clear to muddy. Decomposing organic material can give it the color of tea. Also, watch the movement of other wildlife like wading birds. Most of these suggestions can be viewed from the bank. Determining these facts will help you achieve your goal.

If you cannot see the bottom, try dragging a soft plastic lure that is Texas rigged or threaded on a shaky head. If the rod loads but still moves forward, it indicates aquatic vegetation. The lure might repeatedly hang and then go free when working the brush. Sharp taps indicate rocks.

If fed by a stream, the water is probably shallow in that area. In the spring, shallow water warmed by the sun attracts fish to that area. Deep water is near the dam or outflow. A channel cut, created by the inflow is even better. In the summer months watch for emergent aquatic vegetation and submerged trees which have fallen during the winter months.

Stained or muddy water allows you to approach more closely. Whereas clear water forces you to stand further back to prevent spooking the fish. Vibrations from walking can be felt by the fish, so step lightly.

Fish are affected by weather conditions. Pond fish begin biting better as clouds cover the sun or the blowing of a light breeze. When wind is a factor, cast from the downwind side. Rainy days create a willingness for bass to chase and strike the lures.

Bank fishing differs from boat fishing in the locational relationship between the fisherman and the fish! The choice of lures must be those that work more horizontally than vertically. Soft plastic lures are ideal. Choose those that are Texas rigged, spinnerbaits, and top water. Sometimes a jig is appropriate especially when fishing from a dock. Crankbaits are effective in areas less than 10 feet deep. 

Ponds demand unique attacks but are perfect for honing skills that can catch fish anywhere.

Enjoy the challenge and keep on fishing!