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Perhaps fish are more like humans than we realize.  They differ in their preference for cool water verses warm water. Just like people who prefer Maine to Florida. The larger females seem to gravitate towards shallow areas as cold as 55 degrees. Most prefer in the 60 degree range.

Myths continue to circulate about the role of the moon during spawning season. It is a factor but not nearly as crucial as some indicate. It is not a controlling factor. When other factors are favorable, a full moon will be a bonus. A full moon allows the fish to feed at night which limits the hours of daylight feeding.  

Bad weather and poor water conditions such as overcast skies, fluctuating water levels and temperatures will keep the fish off the beds. A big, bright moon will not eliminate these conditions. The fish will move toward their beds depending on the development of the eggs, just as nature dictates.

Remember the old commercial “You can’t fool Mother Nature”?  Nature is a fascinating and amazing cycle. Observe it with wonder!