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Fishing guides have a special love for the outdoors and pride themselves in the ability to teach others how to catch fish. They have a special love for young kids.

Use these freshwater fishing tips to get started on your exciting new hobby. 

Most sporting goods departments have quality, inexpensive rods and reels for beginners. Gear can advance with the skill level and interest shown.

Fishing really is good for children and their development. It is also quite a bit of fun.

Let kids enjoy nature and to explore the wonder and awe of the great outdoors.

Use this time to gather as a family and create lifelong memories.

Following these suggestions verifies the expression: “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  Think safety!

Ponds demand unique attacks but are perfect for honing skills that can catch fish anywhere.

A fish can feed the body, but the joy of fishing can feed the soul.

Nature is a fascinating and amazing cycle. Observe it with wonder!

It all starts with team tournaments at local lakes.

As kids build their skills in fishing, they become more confident. This leads to greater independence. Once kids understand the safety measures involved in fishing, they can engage in this activity with little to no help from adults.